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Buy Yiku smart warehouse to send millions of ERP+WMS system
  • Intellectual property

    Owns software patents

    10 items Product patent
  • Direct return

    Investment in a medium-sized warehouse

    97 million Return on profit
  • Indirect returns

    Investment in a medium-sized warehouse

    550 million Benefit return
Core highlights
Industry 4.0 Three-dimensional intelligent warehouse
  • Everyday helps you save money
  • Remote control
  • Seamless standardized management, absolute safety of materials
  • Easy to install
  • Help you save space
  • Big Data Cloud Computing
  • Software is efficient and practical
  • Green
  • Full functioning
  • Wide range of applications
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Yiku 4.0 Three-dimensional intelligent warehouse
Guangdong Yiku Intelligent Storage Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise with the responsibility of “building a three-dimensional intelligent warehouse that all companies can use”.
Since 2011, our company has invested heavily to develop a warehouse ERP management software that is ahead of domestic counterparts together with well-known domestic software companies. This software has realized the automatic generation of invoicing data and warehouse material intelligent system management. Software becomes the smart brain of a three-dimensional intelligent warehouse. In smart hardware, we rely on the technical reserves of automated equipment research and development over more than a decade. We are "professional and diligent" and carry forward the spirit of artisan. Our company selects the world-leading "Mitsubishi Servo System" as the power system, and the equipment is mature and reliable, with failure rate. low. 
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